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Leg Length Discrepancy and Diagnosis


Leg Length Discrepancy, (LLD), occurs either Structurally or Functionally.

In the case of Structural LLD, one leg is physically shorter than the other, typically caused by a medical condition affecting the growth of bones in one leg versus the other.


Functional LLD occurs when both legs are the same length, but bio-mechanical abnormalities cause a discrepancy in the gait. For example, if a person severely pronates, (foot turns inward while walking), only on one foot, then this will in turn make that leg functionally shorter.

By adding an orthopedic shoe lift to a shoe, we are able to offset the leg length discrepancy, and provide a more natural gait for our customers.


  • Limping, or uneven gait

  • Osteoarthritis in the knees and hips

  • Lower back pain


How To Diagnose

We highly suggest finding a specialist to diagnose your leg length discrepancy.

This ensures that we add the correct increment of material for your needs.

Use our tool below to find a specialist near you.

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