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  • Will the shoe lift be on the inside or the outside of the shoe? specializes in external shoe modifications. Our focus is to provide functional solutions for customers looking for shoe lifts. External shoe modifications allow both shoes to still fit the same, keep both feet level, and encourages the most natural feel.
  • What types of footwear are best for a shoe lift?
    We have done work on all kinds of shoes. Typically, shoes that have a sturdy sole and secure the foot make the best candidates for shoe lifts. If you have any questions about a specific shoe, please contact us at (720) 638-7525, or for the best answer send pictures by email to
  • What does a shoe lift look like?
    We use a material called foam crepe, which is similar to the foam portion of most athletic shoes. Our shoe lifts are inserted between the outsole and the midsole. We have seven different colors of crepe, and we often dye the lift to more closely match the appearance of the shoe. See picture below:
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost will vary depending on which service and what increment best suits your needs. Full Lifts range from $82.95 to $169.95 Heel Lifts range from $47.95 to $117.95 3/4 Heel Wedges range from $77.95 to 87.95 Rocker Bottom costs $92.95 Rigid Rocker Bottom costs $142.95 To see a full list of our prices: Click Here.
  • Can you remove a shoe lift?
    Yes, we can remove a lift. We can also change a current shoe lift to a different increment if needed.
  • How will a shoe lift alter the feel of the shoe?
    The shoe may feel slightly more stiff and heavier. However, during our process, we do everything we can to make the shoe is as lightweight and flexible as possible at no extra charge to our customer. Also, as the shoe with a lift is worn, it will continue to feel more flexible.
  • Can you put a shoe lift on sandals?
    Yes, we can. Typically sandals with at least two straps work best, such as a Birkenstock sandal. Also, sport sandals such as Keen and Ecco sandals are excellent candidates for shoe lifts.
  • How do I find out how high my shoe lift should be?
    We always recommend seeing a medical professional to diagnose a leg length discrepancy. To use our tool to find a specialist near you, Click Here.
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